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For: Wayne Lapierre and his gun loving friends

Wayne Lapierre is the CEO of the NRA, which promotes gun ownership in the USA. This is Lapierre explaining why school teachers should be armed. It was given immediately after a school massacre.

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Home Education anyone?

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The Philosopher and the Chair

A philosophy professor entered his lecture theatre and put a chair on the desk. He then asked his students to prove the chair didn’t exist.The students settled to the task except for one. He spent a few seconds writing his … Continue reading

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An Awkward Question

Harpurhey, north Manchester, is a poor area, and was in the 1950s and 60s as I grew up. Rows and rows of terraced houses, with no bathroom or indoor toilet, straddled the Rochdale Road. There were no luxuries, but my … Continue reading

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The benefits of immigrant children in school (USA)

“… the presence of immigrant students has a positive effect on the academic achievement of US-born students, especially for students from disadvantaged backgrounds. Moreover, the presence of immigrants does not affect negatively the performance of affluent US-born students, who typically … Continue reading

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A cunning professor

At Sydney University, there were four students studying Organic Chemistry. They were excellent students achieving “A’s”. They were so confident they decided to go to Canberra and party with some friends the weekend before their finals. However, they slept through … Continue reading

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Lockdown! Bring it on

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Book Review: Daniel Kahneman, Olivier Sibony and Cass R Sunstein ~ Noise: A flaw in human judgment (2021)

Reviewing this book puts me in a difficult situation. All I want to do is swoon at the feet of the authors proclaiming their genius. This makes me a groupie. However I’ll try to write something that looks like a … Continue reading

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Oxford University’s Toxic Political Legacy: Privilege and Entitlement

Oxford University is a social ghetto, which has a toxic impact on British politics. I’ve illustrated this by looking at the school and university background of significant figures in the British political world, 2010-21. Although the list is selective, it … Continue reading

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Ben Bradley MP (In a previous life a workhouse manager)

“…..[Mansfield] Tory MP Ben Bradley has claimed that free school meals vouchers are “effectively” a handout to a crack den and brothel. Even if this is true – and the evidence for it is less than overwhelming – so what? … Continue reading

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