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Note to our Grandchildren

You might remember us, as old Have heard of stories, once long in time Were told -But no, just like you We were just young, that’s where your – Long story, strangely what, began for you. Tell your children, of … Continue reading

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It’s hard work loving a lawyer

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Photographing fires in Yellowstone Park

A photographer was sent to cover disastrous fires at Yellowstone National Park. Arriving he realized it was impossible to photograph anything from ground level. He asked his editor if he could rent a plane and take photos from the air. … Continue reading

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Ten Golden Oldie books for Christmas, 2019

Christmas is the book buying season with shelves full of celebrity cookbooks, autobiographies, star novelists and so on. They’re all sold at premium prices. Meanwhile there are millions of books which are superb and can be bought for a fraction … Continue reading

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Irish terrorism in London in the 1990s

  The British government responded to these atrocities by erecting a ‘ring of steel’ in the city of London. Streets were cordoned off, narrowed and guarded by armed police. Chris

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Louisiana’s maximum-security prison is medieval

The population of Texas is half that of the UK, while the state’s prison population is larger than those of the UK, France and Germany combined. But it is Louisiana that stands out. The state has almost 34,000 prisoners, 94 … Continue reading

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A gorilla walks into a bar

A gorilla walked into a bar and ordered a Martini. The bartender was amazed, but thought, “What the hell.” He mixed the Martini and passed it to the gorilla who paid with a twenty pound note. This freaked the bartender … Continue reading

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Bruce M.

I wouldn’t call Bruce a friend, more an acquaintance that are so important to one’s life. He was important in the long past. He was a very noticeable youngish man, I’m guessing in his early to mid-thirties. He was very … Continue reading

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The appointment diary of a cat

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Football Review: England 5- Kosovo 3: September 2019

In the annals of English football this will count as yet another victory in a qualifying match for the European championships. And it is. Unfortunately all it does is feed Scottish style delusions. In the two halves England won one, … Continue reading

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