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Good Friends

A number of years ago, my destiny – and as it happened later my wife’s life was channelled into serving our community as local Councillors.  Politics is never boring as many MPs  will attest, but local politics at Borough level  … Continue reading

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Such Happy Times.

When young,my happy secure home…Rang with laughter. The radio light programme, trilled from the corner sideboardAlmost all day,I rememberMum singing along.“ I can’t tell a waltz from a tangoI never know what my feet are goner dono I can’t tell … Continue reading

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Fray Bentos

Fray Bentos

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The Promised Land

Lucid, compelling and horrific the dream, The Biblical dream of powerful images: The dream of despair. Nameless, homeless, hopeless Longing to die. They see themselves in the Promised Land, God beckoning, pointing and promising. Yet they are rejected as unworthy … Continue reading

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Gambling, Gamblers And Punters

‘All gamblers are above average!’  This blog is about the consequences of innumeracy when coupled with over- confidence. My previous analysis* shows gamblers as strivers working against the odds. True but it doesn’t square the statistical impossibility of ALL gamblers … Continue reading

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Lucky my dog seemed to know, each  Sunday… Like a child his eyes would  stare longingly at me Tail thumping  each time our gaze  met. Watching me reach for his lead Exploding with happiness – running, running… From me to … Continue reading

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Foolishness of Youth

I believe that I have been extremely silly at various times in my life, for no better reason than part devilment and part showing off.  For example in around 1970, I was given a young labourer called Mark, and told … Continue reading

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Japan 1937- 45

Banzai: 13 December 1937 Decisive battle Winter storm victory now Brave soldiers succeed. Hubris: 8 December 1941 Decisive battle Winter sun melts protection Planes triumphant. Nemesis: 6 August 1945 Decisive battle Summer comes. No resistance Honour gone forever. (Chris)

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How I became an Entomologist

Entomology part 1

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