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Book Review: Dov Alfon ~ A long night in Paris (translated Daniella Zamir)

Dov Alfon is an Israeli who’s novel is autobiographical. He was an intelligence officer in an elite unit- 8200. A lot of the action is centred on this unit. The majority of the action is based in Paris. Away from … Continue reading

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An African Lumberjack

An African lumberjack is interviewing for a job at a major logging company. The foreman decides to take a practical route and hands the lumberjack an axe. “Take a couple swings at that tree over there,” the foreman said. The … Continue reading

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I enjoy proper music

Not the brash, brain numbing trash As depicted by, young, strutting peacocks Their brand of noise, I find irritating To the point where I try not to listen. Recently, whilst in a crowded pub People were all talking at once … Continue reading

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A Chinese epigram about religion

‘Man is born, ages and dies, the gods in heaven don’t care.’ Küng, Dinah Lee. A Visit From Voltaire (Kindle Locations 5601-5602). Eyes and Ears. Kindle Edition. Chris

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Queen to f4

Ray H.

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Three Fishermen meet a mermaid

Three fishermen came upon a mermaid She offered them one wish each. The first fisherman asked her to: “Double my IQ,” which the mermaid did immediately. To his surprise, he started reciting Shakespeare fluently. The second fisherman was very impressed. … Continue reading

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Book Review: Chris Gayle with Tom Fordyce ~ Six Machine: I don’t like cricket…I love it

Gayle’s book is the antidote to the constipated, self-aware, PR fuelled, seriously ghosted British autobiographic sports books I’m used to. It’s vibrant, insightful and magnificent. Chris is a superstar and loves it. As the best batsman in the world he … Continue reading

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