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A Statue meets the good fairy

Good fairy: “I’ll give you one wish.” Statue: “I’d like to stretch my legs, runabout, shout and scream.” Good fairy: “Your wish is my command.” And the statue immediately starts running around. Then he ran into the bushes and the … Continue reading

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Women of the French Resistance 1940-45

After France was crushed, resistance to the German conquerors came from two principal sources: Communists and the Gaullist Free French. French women were critical to the entire resistance movement as they exploited their femininity. Women moved messages and small arms … Continue reading

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America’s school shootings

“This year, going to school has involved more fatalities than serving in the US military.” Chris

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Film Review: Performance (James Fox and Mick Jagger) (1970)

An archive film from 1970 might not seem interesting, especially as it’s a pathetic attempt to cash in on Jagger’s fame and notoriety. Jagger was presumably intended to emulate the cute Beatles. Performance absolutely isn’t Help! What the producers got … Continue reading

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Logic hard at work


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Borrowing a bus at 2 a.m.

Two drunks walk into an unguarded bus depot at 2 a.m. to borrow a bus so that they can get home. Jim: Let’s have this one. Fred: That’s a 265. It doesn’t go anywhere near our street. Chris

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