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Operation Barbarossa Rebranded

Germany, the Fatherland, attacked Russia, the Motherland. An act of domestic abuse? Chris

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Wittgenstein as a school teacher

Jonathan Rée writes insightfully about Wittgenstein’s life and work, but he does skate over one crucial detail (LRB, 21 November). After six years working in village schools in the Austrian Alps, Rée remarks, Wittgenstein ‘gave up teaching and returned to … Continue reading

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Why the Labour Party is middle-class: George Orwell 1936

I am struck again by the fact that as soon as a working man gets an official post in the Trade Union or goes into Labour politics, he becomes middle-class whether he will or no…. by fighting against the bourgeoisie … Continue reading

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Medieval Routes to Heaven

Medieval Christians accepted, as fact, Mankind’s inherent sinfulness. They also accepted, as fact, that Heaven existed. The aim of life was to enter Heaven and share eternal life with Jesus. Squaring this circle had a dramatic impact on their lifestyles. … Continue reading

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A CIA spy enters the Soviet Union

The CIA spy was fluent in Russian, had perfect Cyrillic handwriting and could drink buckets of vodka. He was dropped on the outskirts of Moscow and spoke to a man in the street, “Hello comrade, can you direct me to … Continue reading

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Book Review: Abhijit V Banerjee and Esther Duflo ~ Good Economics for Hard Times – Better answers to our biggest problems (2019)

It’s easy to feel intellectually intimidated by a book by two Nobel Prize winners and perhaps that’s the right response sometimes. On this occasion it isn’t.* This is a readable and homely book written in an accessible way. The ‘biggest … Continue reading

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Washington, Nixon, Trump

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