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The Meaning of Wealth

“The great weakness of the West is that it has nothing with which to inspire loyalty except wealth. But what is wealth? Another washing machine, a bigger car, a nicer house to live in? Not much to feed the spirit … Continue reading

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William Tyndale School: Returning after 64 years

On the 16th of May 2017 I returned to the brick lined alleyway, which led to the school building. There were two entrances one for boys and the other for girls. This was historically true but obviously, in 2017, sexual … Continue reading

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Theresa May: Money+Power=Irresistible


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What you need

What you need, is her Strong and stable leadership- willing to make the difficult decisions Just read MY manifesto, I have been very clear I am the only safe pair of hands For this country to trust I’ll do what … Continue reading

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An Outraged Husband in the Wild West

A guy walked into a crowded bar, waving his pistol and yelled, “I have a .45 calibre Colt 1911 with a seven round magazine plus one in the chamber. I want to know who’s been sleeping with my wife.” A … Continue reading

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George Osborne, VAT and Conservative Extremism

On 4th January next year (2011), the main rate of VAT will rise from 17.5 to 20 per cent…. This single tax measure will by the end of this Parliament generate over £13 billion a year of extra revenues. That … Continue reading

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Lenin’s cushy exile in Siberia 1897-1900

He… received a steady stream of books on extended loan from libraries in St Petersburg and Moscow, via the good offices of his sisters, to supply his voracious appetite for reading. Despite his frustrations with the speed of the postal … Continue reading

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