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The American Dust Bowl: It gave birth to Woody Guthrie

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Bob Dylan and Woody Guthrie

People have told me that they’ve heard a song of mine and it’s changed their lives. Now I can only believe that or disbelieve it, but I know what it is to feel that, because I’ve felt that way myself … Continue reading

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The Sycophant

I lay panting on the altarOf his ego, waiting forHis lacerating wit to disembowel meSo, his hangers-on can laughThey lurk around the great manHoping they’ll be the one that’sGoing to be his museBut they don’t know him. The four o’clock … Continue reading

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A #Me Too Conversation

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A John Wayne quip

Alcohol doesn’t solve any problems, but then again, neither does milk.

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Bertrand Russell on Warlike People

“People who are violent, brutal and heartless often find war enjoyable, provided that they are involved in a victorious war and that there is not too much interference with rape and plunder. Needless to say, this is a great help … Continue reading

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A Church message I can understand

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Fighting Boredom

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Rishi Sunak: Scourge of the Middle Classes

Chancellor Sunak has increased taxation from income, which will alienate Conservative middle-class voters. Problem? No way. Adroit political footwork and the magic of inflation will square the political circle. Quietly, without fanfare, and with deadly efficiency Sunak created additional income … Continue reading

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Tell Me Sweet, Sweet Lies

Tell me sweet, sweet liesTell me you’ll love me to eternityTell me you love my blindness. EyesClouded and milky in their sightlessness Tell me sweet, sweet liesTell me my pain is your painTell me you love caring for me. PainElusively … Continue reading

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