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Ebola, Malaria and TB*: Competing Horrors

At the time of writing, (November 2014) ebola is still an incurable disease causing fewer than 6,000 deaths from about 14,000 infections. It is a gruesome disease. Potentially, but not certainly, it may mutate into a mega-disease. Mega-diseases, such as … Continue reading

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In Finnegan’s eyes you dare not see beyond what throbs in there Nor when the Guinness lonely nights rent hugged hard fistful sheets Thoughts as daggers wrench at his constant pain Made worse by such short sentenced timeless loves Stretched … Continue reading

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What is this life, if full of care, We have no time to stand and stare No time to stand beneath the boughs And stare as long as sheep or cows. No time to see, when woods we pass, Where … Continue reading

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An Uncompromising Quarrel

Benjamin Britten on Brahms “I make a point of playing one Brahms recording a year, just to remind myself how awful the music is!” From Beautiful Britten , sterling Brahms- a heartfelt tribute to Norbert Hauser 17th June 2014 Johannes … Continue reading

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The £50.00 Adventure.

Eleven years ago, Jan (my wife) and I, along with two other couples started a TMO (Tenant Management Organisation) we call PETRA (Parkhill Tenants and Resident Association). I wrote to the Council and explained that we intended to form a … Continue reading

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God saw a man on top of the hill. And said, in voice so shrill, “That’s the man I want you to kill. It’ll give me a great thrill”. “Killing is the American good- bye God kept talking, “I hope you … Continue reading

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A Max Miller* joke circa 1950

Man: ‘I like seeing experienced girls home.’ Girl: ‘But I’m not experienced.’ Man: ‘You’re not home yet.’ *Max Miller was an outrageous radio comedian who swerved through the UK’s strict censorship laws in the 1950s. (Chris)

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