Passing over

Now a frail elderly man
The new adventure calls
Bereaved family will cry and weep
None will know of his release.

That pleasure, where, air is pure
Parents, siblings await, his coming
Loves he knew, in moments past
Gather with arms wide in joy.

Once, he was strong, but he’d made mistakes
Who hasn’t – he did regret!
Once sharp words he could have held back
But, lashed out in ignorance.

Too late, to say sorry
No opportunity to make amends
would the adventure, wait?

For better or worse
A journey awaits, a tired old man
Frightening, but precious, an experience
Not as scary as, his groom’s speech.

Would his eyes dim ever blacker
Behind, dark billowing clouds
Or, would a bright light
beckon at the end of a tunnel.

How will the passing be?
Does anyone care?
Or, is it just an old, old man
Remember him – to great good old friends.


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