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Worzel Gummidge and his simpering bride

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Film Review: The Judge (NetFlix)

NetFlix invested in two Triple-A list stars and got a cut-price director and scriptwriter. Robert Duvall plays the Judge. He’s declining into dementia. Piling cliché onto cliché he’s a traditional ‘Good Old Boy’ folk wisdom judge. He hates his lawyer … Continue reading

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Good Advice From A Doctor

Doctor: I’m sorry. I have bad news. You’re likely to die in the next six months. Amanda: Isn’t there anything that can be done? Doctor: Do you know an unmarried accountant? Amanda: Yes. Why? Doctor: Well if you marry him … Continue reading

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Assassination as Government Policy

“The assassination of a political leader is among the highest profile acts of political violence…”1 “Political assassination is the murder of a significant individual by an organised conspiracy in pursuit of political ends.”2 “And the executioner’s face is always well … Continue reading

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A Praying Mantis vs. A Bird

If you fancy a praying mantis as a pet you might like this site, About the praying mantis | Keeping Insects

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The childhood of Xi Jinping: Chinese General Secretary 2012 – present

“Xi Jinping started life as a princeling, the son of Xi Zhongxun, Mao’s propaganda chief. But in 1963 Xi senior was purged and banished to a factory in distant Henan province. During the horrors of the Cultural Revolution, the Xi … Continue reading

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Two Texans go to Canada for a winter break

On their first day they decided to go ice fishing. To spice it up the Texans decided to show the Canadians how great America was. The Texans challenged them to an ice fishing competition. Obviously the Canadians accepted. The team … Continue reading

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The UK Mayoral Elections, 2021

Turnout in none of the eleven 2021 Mayoral elections came close to 50%+1.The electorate shunned the opportunity to participate. (see Addendum) Does this affect the legitimacy of the result? Let’s imagine an election in fictional Loncaster which has an electorate … Continue reading

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Greedy? Moi?

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Book Review: S A Cosby ~ Blacktop Wasteland (2021)

Anthony ‘Bug’ Bearegard, is a psychopath, a gangster, a loving father, an exceptional motor mechanic and brilliant driver. A very complex person overloaded with attributes each one of which is challenging for dominance. And that’s the source of the story. … Continue reading

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