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Mike Tyson’s wisdom

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Criminal Bankers and Their Keep-Out-Of-Jail Card

“….more than 17,600 other record[s]… allegedly show how senior banking officials allowed fraudsters to move money [£1.5 trillion] between accounts in the knowledge that the funds were being generated or used criminally. Five global banks were named in the investigation: … Continue reading

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A skit from ‘Porridge’: Fletcher on Mackay*

Fletcher: Course, he sees ‘imself as an authority on curry, he does, on account of where he was stationed in the army. Rudge: Where? India?Fletcher: No, Bradford. * Fletcher was a prisoner: Mackay a prison warder: Rudge a fellow prisoner: … Continue reading

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A World Snooker Championship Quip

“Ronnie O’Sullivan is a lovely person when he is asleep.” Hossein Vafaei, A player at the Championship 2023

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Your starter for a job!

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Book Review: Katy Brent ~ How to kill men and get away with it (2023)

I fell victim to the dreaded Waterstone’s ‘Buy one and get one half price’ with this one.1 A catchy title and so-called reviews reeled me in like a fish. Describing it as ‘Darkly witty’, ‘Funny, outrageous and thoroughly entertaining’ and … Continue reading

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Business with God on its side

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Premium Bonds Ride Again

Premium Bonds were introduced by Harold MacMillan in 1956.1 His insight was inventing a gamble where you could get your stake back, in full: Neo-gambling, as it were. MacMillan’s Premium – note the word – Bonds had monthly ‘prizes’ instead … Continue reading

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A Fab (Back) Four

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A Brian Clough quip

“ We talk about it [tactics] for 20 minutes and then we decide that I was right. “ Clough was one of England’s finest managers but was very out spoken and was, as a result, never made England manager. He … Continue reading

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