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Solving a Marital Problem

A woman went into a pharmacy and looking straight into the pharmacist’s eyes said, “I’d like to buy some cyanide.” “Why do you need cyanide?” “I going to poison my husband.” The pharmacist exclaimed, “I can’t sell you cyanide to commit … Continue reading

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Book Review: E M Delafield ~ The Diary of a Provincial Lady (1930)

Through the magic of Amazon’s pricing policy this costs 99p on Kindle. On the other hand if you wish to buy all five of the ‘Provincial Lady’ series you pay only 49p! Obviously it’s your decision but I risked 49p … Continue reading

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A very brisk Mother Superior in a French convent

[Her] account includes being told by the [Mother] Superior that if a doctor advised a surgical operation, “your Superiors will decide whether your life is of sufficient value to the community to justify the expense. If it is not, you … Continue reading

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Havering’s ‘Streets in the Sky’

Tower Block Residents High rise tenants and leaseholders pay for communal lighting as a separate charge. This additional to Council tax. Apart from Tower Block Residents Council tax covers street lighting, which is part of the service embedded within the … Continue reading

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An old blue song book

In a pile of old papers Just tossed aside Not even considered Bereft now, of any pride. Bought, after the war Cut price at threepence Words to one-hundred songs Lost to its world of credence. Some remembered song of yesterday … Continue reading

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Lock Down Blues

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Putin’s favourite Stalin joke

As Stalin walked down the ranks of the troops he heard a thunderous sneeze. Fearing an assassination attempt he roared, “Who sneezed?” There was no answer and the troops froze in terror. He turned to the KGB colonel and said, … Continue reading

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British Health and Covid-19

Coronavirus is a well understood disease.* There are international strategies in place for meeting the challenges which are presented. Covid-19 is a novel sub-species of a well known disease. Public ignorance, fuelled by governments, has given it lethal qualities which, … Continue reading

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An Irish Court

Eight hours into his trial Paddy changed his plea to guilty. The very irritated judge said, “Why didn’t you plead guilty immediately and save the court’s time?” “Well. Until I’d heard the evidence I thought I was innocent.”

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Black Lives Matter, Covid-19 and Democracy in Sydney, Australia

“As tragic as it is that we are in a situation where freedom of speech isn’t as free as we would like it to be at the moment,” [Police Minister] Mr Elliott said.* When the Sydney Black Lives Matter planned … Continue reading

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