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Just Yesterday Ago

In 1989 (I can’t believe that is twenty five years ago) I was the Branch Secretary of the National and Local Government Organisation (NALGO) in Hackney, I was at the head of a bunch of left wing extremists.The Communist Party, … Continue reading

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The best of times

To tumble down grass field slopes With friends in high pitched yells of “Geromimo” Laughs from the belly as Bert boshed the cow-pat His hand to his elbow in poo.   That day was just one in that short summer … Continue reading

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Military Service Act, 1916: Conscription

The Military Service Act changed Britain forever. The act meant that the state had the right to put British men in lethal danger i.e. the trenches. But these reluctant warriors didn’t want to fight and, worse, they were literally second … Continue reading

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A Bob Hope Joke

Ronald Reagan isn’t a typical politician because he doesn’t know how to lie, cheat and steal. He’s always had an agent to do that for him.

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British Politicians

Posturing and posing for TV Youthful, telegenic, emptied of fire Emptied of purpose, emptied of leadership Millionaire, silver spooned, entitled Products of the clone factory- A network factory- A friends-for-life factory Engineered by inherited wealth Shaping our world to suit … Continue reading

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Paris, Our Last Day.

After a typical French breakfast of croissants (bland, cardboard on steroids with peculiar  bits on the side) we all made our way with our luggage to the Gare du Nord station to leave the cases in the left luggage store … Continue reading

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French fields, frenetic Absurd political inanity Trenches dug ever more… Towards, ‘The Line’ Paling boards holding back mud Latrines, where some cried Some prayed, each afraid Never to see home again. Now in hell where serendipity ruled Next to comrades … Continue reading

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Odeboyz on Tour

Spring in the Scottish Highlands, Tomintoul.

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Emotional Blackmail: British Women 1914- 15

European men were overjoyed when war broke out in August 1914. Jingoistic newspapers and politicians didn’t lie when they said that they thought that the war would be over by Christmas: they really believed it. As a consequence there was … Continue reading

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Economic Theory: a joke

How many economists does it take to change a light bulb? None. If the light bulb needs changing the market will do it.

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