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George Osborne’s Politicisation of Welfare in Britain 2010-15

The Coalition government 2010-15 effectively won the economic argument that the British welfare budget had ballooned out of control in the Labour era (1997-2010). This intellectual and political victory produced the brilliant rhetorical flourish from the Chancellor ‘We’re all in … Continue reading

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The River

I wait for winter The river will freeze solidly It will flow next year (Chris)

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A Dinner Party Conversation

Mummy: Don’t stare at Uncle Jim Jane. Jane: I don’t want to miss it Mummy. Mummy: Miss what Jane? Jane: I don’t want to miss seeing Uncle Jim drink like a fish. (Chris)

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Just about any Council, be it Local Authority, district, Parish or Metropolitan, usually is only as good as its leadership, strategic planning and the capabilities of its workforce to implement planned decisions. Also pivotal to success, can often be the good … Continue reading

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Labrador: a joke

Jim: Do you want to buy a Labrador? Fred: No. I don’t think I do. Jim: Why ever not? They’re lovely dogs Fred: Yes, they are but all their owners seem to go blind. (Chris)

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I Know What I Know

Not metres, centimetres or millimetres What’s wrong with an inch, foot or yard As for centilitres – well, I know what’s a pint Time was a pound had twenty shillings With a thousand pounds you were rich You’d  struggle to … Continue reading

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Voting for Barbaric Sentences: California’s Proposition 184 (1994)

Crimes which provoke outrage often lead to demands for draconian punishments from the public. This has been true down the ages. For example 18th century England had an extreme criminal code, more draconian and less humane than even the most rabid Californian … Continue reading

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I can’t solve my problems So I’m going to kill myself, In a memorable way. Go down in history Then I’ll break out of my dullness. Just once. I’ll wait for bright sunshine so the images are clear Crowds of … Continue reading

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Menage a trois: a joke

Jim: Do you fancy a three in the bed romp Jane? Jane: Absolutely! I love watching men French kissing. (Chris)

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Syria: David Cameron, World Statesman, speaks

 Syria needs BRITISH bombs. (Chris)

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