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I can’t solve my problems So I’m going to kill myself, In a memorable way. Go down in history Then I’ll break out of my dullness. Just once. I’ll wait for bright sunshine so the images are clear Crowds of … Continue reading

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Eyelids drooping Dreaming scenes. Old memories Flit and falter. Cartoon spew from the unwatched TV. Others sit in snoozing rows. Homecare disinterested staff Clean in self-full sloth. The lunch gong – so loud… Shatters cloistered thoughts Reminds – Rank Film … Continue reading

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I tried escaping my memories of you. My Madonna, my Golgatha had captured me. Ceaseless walking didn’t bless me with amnesia Unfading- unburied- memory defeated The agony of feet sand- papered by gravel. The insane sepulchre memory sought a Ghoul. … Continue reading

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Year by year anguish consumes me, Defeating the drift into hazy memory. Corroding my soul, weakening my spirit. You were my future now lost forever. Well- remembered anecdotes echo endlessly. My anguish is coloured scarlet Etched in molten rivers of … Continue reading

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