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Accountancy Ethics

An accountancy student asked his boss to explain ethics in accountancy. After thinking for a while he related the following: “Mr Jones, a client, came in last week and paid me his bill. His bill was £1,000 and he paid … Continue reading

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Book Review: Volker Kutscher ~ The Fatherland Files (2019) (Translator Niall Sellar)

Fans of Philip Kerr and his wonderful series featuring Berlin policeman Bernie Gunter will warm to this German version. The book reeks of authenticity in its depiction of pre-Nazi Berlin and the insidious take-over of the police by them. The … Continue reading

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A pet spider

If you want to know more about this spider see Tarantula link What Are Tarantula Book Lungs? – The Tye-Dyed Iguana – Reptiles and Reptile Supplies in St. Louis. (

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Commercialised Gluttony

For 25 years, Fat Boys Cafe [Croydon, London] has been serving up the Blow Out breakfast challenge. It consists of two sausages, six slices of bacon, a slice of fried bread, mushrooms, beans and 1.25kg of chips, and is thought … Continue reading

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Pets: They really love you

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Back to work blues

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Gambling as an Investment Option

Combining ‘Gambling’ and ‘Investment’ appears to be bizarre. After all, gambling involves unpredictable risk and the loss of all of your capital in one fell swoop. Investment, on the other hand, breathes the heady air of prudence and safety. This … Continue reading

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Greek Joke: 2015

Question: What does a Greek civil servant say when he gets his salary? Answer: Danke schön

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Book Reviews: Peter James ~ Find them dead (2020) and Peter James ~ Left you dead (2021)

Peter James is a prolific author indeed he’s a book-a-year man. His creation is Detective Inspector Roy Grace who’s now a Superintendent and is angling to be a Chief Superintendent. Grace has been transformed into a careerist. The first book … Continue reading

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For: Wayne Lapierre and his gun loving friends

Wayne Lapierre is the CEO of the NRA, which promotes gun ownership in the USA. This is Lapierre explaining why school teachers should be armed. It was given immediately after a school massacre.

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