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The Wrong Answer

Emperor Augustus was touring his Empire and noticed a man who looked so similar that he could have been his brother. Intrigued he asked: “Did your mother work in the Imperial Palace?” “No, Your Highness. But my father did.”

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Ben Bradley MP (In a previous life a workhouse manager)

“…..[Mansfield] Tory MP Ben Bradley has claimed that free school meals vouchers are “effectively” a handout to a crack den and brothel. Even if this is true – and the evidence for it is less than overwhelming – so what? … Continue reading

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A Successful Teaching Moment

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Book Review: Jo Nesbo ~ Nemesis (2002) (Translator: Dan Bartlett)

The job description of fictional Detective Inspectors is that they should be alcoholics, mavericks, insightful, very persuasive, and yet, curiously, trusting. They get into scrapes where everything says, ‘Don’t do it’. But they do. They lure colleagues into committing crimes … Continue reading

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Open Wide!

If you want to read more about this tryDental MythBusters: Do Crocodiles Let Birds Clean Their Teeth? | Canyon Gate Dental of Orem

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J B S Haldane, scientist, organises his very own After Life

“He [Haldane] had left strict instructions about what was to be done with his body. ‘I hope that I have been of some use to my fellow creatures while alive,’ he once wrote, ‘and I see no reason why I … Continue reading

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Winston Churchill mocks Clement Attlee (who got the last laugh*)

Churchill said: “An empty taxi arrived at 10 Downing Street, and when the door was opened, Attlee got out.” And the classic “He is a modest man with much to be modest about.” Finally: Attlee is, ‘A sheep in sheep’s … Continue reading

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London and the Great Plague, 1665: Plague Pits

Records state that plague deaths in London and the suburbs crept up over the summer from 2,000 people per week to over 7,000 per week in September. These figures are likely to be a considerable underestimate. Many of the sextons … Continue reading

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An Oasis: a miracle of nature

This photo was taken above an oasis in Libya in the Sahara Desert

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A Pen Portrait of Dylan Thomas (about 1936)

“That cruel giggle is the thing I best remember about him. He told me how as a boy he delighted in tearing the wings off flies. I said it must be a difficult thing to do. Dylan replied, ‘Maybe I … Continue reading

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