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Blackadder: The First World War

Edmund:* We’ve been sitting here since Christmas 1914, during which time millions of men have died, and we’ve advanced no further than an asthmatic ant with some heavy shopping. *Edmund Blackadder the recurring character in this series

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Oxford University’s Toxic Political Legacy: Privilege and Entitlement

Oxford University is a social ghetto, which has a toxic impact on British politics. I’ve illustrated this by looking at the school and university background of significant figures in the British political world, 2010-21. Although the list is selective, it … Continue reading

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Rhododendrons: From Flower to Monster

If you wish to read about the impact of Rhododendrons on the wider environment see Rhododendron- invasive weed vs treasured flower plant | Environment and Green Living (

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Book Review: Jonathan Calvert and George Arbuthnot ~ Failures of State: The inside story of Britain’s battle with Coronovirus (2021)

Investigative journalists are worth their weight in gold. Clavert and Arbuthnot write for the Sunday Times about Covid-19 from its earliest manifestation. As journalists they write in a very attractive and accessible way. This is epitomised by their chapter headings: … Continue reading

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The Wrong Answer

Emperor Augustus was touring his Empire and noticed a man who looked so similar that he could have been his brother. Intrigued he asked: “Did your mother work in the Imperial Palace?” “No, Your Highness. But my father did.”

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Ben Bradley MP (In a previous life a workhouse manager)

“…..[Mansfield] Tory MP Ben Bradley has claimed that free school meals vouchers are “effectively” a handout to a crack den and brothel. Even if this is true – and the evidence for it is less than overwhelming – so what? … Continue reading

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A Successful Teaching Moment

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Book Review: Jo Nesbo ~ Nemesis (2002) (Translator: Dan Bartlett)

The job description of fictional Detective Inspectors is that they should be alcoholics, mavericks, insightful, very persuasive, and yet, curiously, trusting. They get into scrapes where everything says, ‘Don’t do it’. But they do. They lure colleagues into committing crimes … Continue reading

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Open Wide!

If you want to read more about this tryDental MythBusters: Do Crocodiles Let Birds Clean Their Teeth? | Canyon Gate Dental of Orem

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J B S Haldane, scientist, organises his very own After Life

“He [Haldane] had left strict instructions about what was to be done with his body. ‘I hope that I have been of some use to my fellow creatures while alive,’ he once wrote, ‘and I see no reason why I … Continue reading

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