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Sausage and Eggs

In the photographs above you will notice a pork sausage, no ordinary pork sausage but a high meat content sausage. This sausage was fried last summer in Romford at about noon on a Saturday. Its former partner was consumed immediately … Continue reading

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Pagan’s Gifts

Long ago, a lost world sang, While young grew old And chanting voices rang. Decades long lost distant past Where pagans made their rituals last Solstice seasons, gathered clans Now where ancient stones still stand. White haired ragged priests decreed … Continue reading

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Great Opening Sentences

This selection is not trying to compete with The Observer or any of the other literary giants who fill their pages with lists during the dead Summer months. This list is of non- literary opening sentences, which nonetheless are tremendous … Continue reading

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Millionaire Clones: The death of politics

Britain: a decrepit gerontocracy where Voting is a niche activity for the deranged elderly, who Remember politicans who weren’t millionaire clones But were enthusiastic and ideologically driven Promoting a golden future Delusional old voters don’t know That hope has triumphed … Continue reading

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Just Memories

In 1961 I left school at nearly seventeen. I was an apprenticed plumber with a firm called G.N.Haden and sons, based in Tailstock Square. Travelling across London from building site to building site, three weeks here, four months there, I … Continue reading

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Twin Towers

Here I now lie with freedom’s wings To dream no more of selfish things No care of life’s short loves or sorrows No more tomorrow’s fears or tears To burden now, these different years… Planned in the great – great … Continue reading

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Psycho Sid

Psycho Sid is seen around, Stunt driving his moped. The Avenue to nowhere  Not wanted at home Not welcome elsewhere Sid existed in a loveless world  On a stolen moped Screeching like a hornet Annoying all around.  The boy swears … Continue reading

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History was reversed at the Millennium Without blood, without a whimper No- one noticed. A silent revolution that Swept like a few grams of ricin Through an over- crowded prison. But these revolutionaries wanted fearful people Not heaps of corpses. … Continue reading

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The Dream

This is a short story. It is not intended to carry any subliminal thoughts about religion (My Fathers house has many mansions etc) Its basis however does stem from a dream I had. I’ll spend no more than an hour … Continue reading

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Great Films about Teenagers

Great films are always great regardless of topic. The films I have chosen are about teenagers. I focus on recent- post 2000- films and therefore don’t include All Time Classics like Great Expectations (UK 1946). This is definitely worth a … Continue reading

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