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Novelists and their Sadistic Public

The entirely random selection below is of the first incident of gratuitous violence in the eight novels cited. All of them are nasty, indeed, sadistic. The question, which will remain unanswered, is whether the novelist writing this sort of thing is … Continue reading

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The Cursed German born 11th November 1918 (3)

How blessed am I, born in 1945 In Germany, a land of social justice A land of peace and law- abiding people A land without hurricanes, without volcanoes A land without child soldiers, without revolution. How blessed am I, born … Continue reading

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Existential Love

“Marie came that evening and asked if I’d marry her. I said I didn’t mind; if she was keen on it, we’d get married”….Then she remarked that marriage was a serious matter. To which, I replied; “No.”…. Then she asked: … Continue reading

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Millfields Road Cleaning Depot.

It is a large complex set of buildings on Millfields Road Clapton Park in Hackney, (London) the site was tucked between the power station on the bend of the river and Clapton Dog track. I first went there in 1963 to investigate an … Continue reading

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I hope the Irish aren’t a race: a joke

Jim wanted to sink an Irish submarine so he knocked on the door. (Chris)

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My regression story: 2 The ship.

A ship, a berth, a stinking bed, thrown in that place to lie. But no I wished to my sweet lord can this be truly I, A splitting head, a far-seen keg, a timbered waiving sky. Strange creaking; wind; and … Continue reading

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In Praise of Premium Bonds

Britain’s unique state lottery is called ‘Premium Bonds’. Although it is a lottery, the bondholders can get their money, in full, on demand : the antidote of true lotteries. A further unique feature is that numbers have a recurring opportunity … Continue reading

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The Cursed German, born 11th November 1918 (parts 1 and 2)

(1) 1918: defeated now Born a cursed German boy Soon a warrior. (2) Born a warrior Vengeance is my mission Patriot killer (Chris)

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Book Review Vitriol

This is, “toxically inaccurate drivel… I wish that was the only time that the staggering arrogance of Patterson’s ignorance made itself known in this volume. But alas…” Marisa Lingen reviews William H Patterson’s Robert A Heinlein: in dialogue with this … Continue reading

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The £50 Adventure: Chapter 4

We finally ‘went live’ in April 2003, but we were still negotiating the MMA (Modular Management Agreement) and it would be a further 2 years later before this was finally signed off. I thought we were continuing to cope with … Continue reading

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