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Strike the fear, so I may no longer see The apparition stalking me It has no substance, nor sinew strong In this light place, it does not belong. Be gone foul phantom creature Be gone whence the nothing Spawned you … Continue reading

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The Godfather, lawyer and bookkeeper

A Mafia Godfather discovered his bookkeeper, Guido, had cheated him out of $10 million. Guido was deaf, which was why he got the job in the first place. The Godfather took his lawyer with him to confront Guido because he … Continue reading

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Mountaineering for Slackers

There were other stories of trekkers and climbers who, having reached base camp or even higher, just couldn’t be bothered to walk down again, and summoned helicopters on the slightest pretext. Sometimes they managed to secure a medical note, in … Continue reading

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Why Mercedes builds the best cars in the world

Rory Mcllroy drove his new Mercedes into an Irish petrol station. An attendant greeted him in a typical Irish manner, unaware that McIlroy is a world famous golfer. “Top o’ the mornin’ to ya.” When Rory got out of the … Continue reading

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The bin Laden family and the Twin Towers

“A perfect example of this new and often strange world comes with the sale of the largest stake in the firm that quarries the Carrara marble in Italy that was used for the Pantheon in Rome, the Duomo in Siena, … Continue reading

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Jersey’s ultra flexible government, 1935-45

The resilience of Jersey’s elite is not new (Jersey is perhaps the only place in Europe that had the same government before, during and after Nazi occupation)….. Oliver Bullough Moneyland: Why thieves & crooks now rule the world & how … Continue reading

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George Orwell and Donald Trump

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