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Jersey’s ultra flexible government, 1935-45

The resilience of Jersey’s elite is not new (Jersey is perhaps the only place in Europe that had the same government before, during and after Nazi occupation)….. Oliver Bullough Moneyland: Why thieves & crooks now rule the world & how … Continue reading

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George Orwell and Donald Trump

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Not everyone is middle-class with assets

Rachel and Jack1 are in their late thirties, with two young children. Both are immature but have worked hard on their relationship. Jack’s a self-employed window cleaner, odd job man, labourer. gardener. He’s hardly ever in steady full time employment. … Continue reading

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Not the sharpest pin in the packet

The Tory’s having ditched May Are still fighting a no win war Among themselves, for now But if Boris does, become P.M. The Buffoon, is dangerous It will be the working class In England and Ireland, will suffer The Scots … Continue reading

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Flexible Politics

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CD Review: Alabama 3 ~ Exit on Coldharbour Lane (1997)

People of a certain age tend to have fixed musical tastes. And I’m no exception. Therefore when I heard this cd it came as a surprise. How did this Acid House cd end up on my deck? (Quaint word heh!) … Continue reading

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A publicity seeking judge in Hancock’s Half Hour

Lord Chief Justice Fleming: Well now, you wish to build a road through Mr Hancock’s garden? Sid James: That’s it. Lord Chief Justice Fleming: And he won’t let you because he’s got a marrow growing there. Sid James: That’s right. … Continue reading

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