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Labrador: a joke

Jim: Do you want to buy a Labrador? Fred: No. I don’t think I do. Thank you Jim: Why ever not? They’re lovely dogs Fred: Yes they are but all of their owners seem to end up blind. (Chris)

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I know you’re frightened of my old age I know that you’ve read about memory loss And physical deterioration with inelegant diseases. I know I’m in that category. I’m going that way. And you’re telling me to eat righteously, Take … Continue reading

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Zimmer Frame

Displaying his balletic agility, and with Perspiration violating his upper lip Jim and his Zimmer are in harmony. Man and machine bonded together. A naturally graceful athlete Jim is Finely tuned in mind and body Ageing, an unnoticed triviality, Eye-catchingly … Continue reading

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My very good friend, Lew Hawks

I first met Lew in the mid-60s when we were both employed as plumbers by Hackney Council. Lew was a big dour man, seldom bent to smile, even less so after his wife died suddenly after a very brief illness. … Continue reading

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An Eccentric Expired.

About five years ago, the Council contacted me to ask if I knew Bill xxxx (a tenant living on our estate) and that if I did could I urgently contact him as he was thousands of pounds in rent arrears … Continue reading

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Disability in my family and others

This is a true story about me and my then young family. My eldest daughter Rita was about eleven years old whilst my three sons Terry Steven and Robert were seven, our and three. So from about 1982 I was … Continue reading

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