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Porridge sitcom: scene between Fletcher, prisoner and Mr Barrowclough, warder

Fletcher: You’re lookin’ a bit down in the mouth, Mr Barrowclough, anything the matter? Mr Barrowclough: Oh, nothing much. The usual. Domestic crisis. Fletcher: Oh dear. Mrs Barrowclough left you, has she? Mr Barrowclough: Unhappily, no. Fletcher – Ronnie Barker, … Continue reading

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Barack Obama: War Criminal

Americans love painless war – painless for them that is. The current weapons of choice are Drones. Drones are murderous console games.1 Those using them claim US intelligence is flawless and drone attacks are entirely effective. Putting it crudely, ‘Only … Continue reading

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A wannabe accountant disappoints

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Book Review: Peter Oborne ~ The Assault on Truth: Boris Johnson, Donald Trump and the emergence of a new moral barbarism (2021)

Peter Oborne’s book has the passion of someone seeking revenge for a bitter disappointment with a feckless lover. Try this: “He [Johnson] was a joy to work for, a fine editor and a loyal colleague with the quickest mind I’ve … Continue reading

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Open Door Immigration, Yellowknife, Canada*

So you want to move to Yellowknife? Okay, we’ll come pick you up. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world; we’re gonna come pick you up at no cost to you. But we’re going to bring you here … Continue reading

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Free Speech and the Paradox of Constraint

The principal challenge free-speech presents is that constraints are necessary to make it meaningful. Unconstrained free speech simply means speech. A discussion about free-speech concerns the necessary constraints that there should be and, importantly, who says what they are and … Continue reading

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The Halloween Feast

Early comments from our readers Mary B: You really must try harder my dear Jamie O: I’ll send you my DVD ‘Cooking for Dummies’ Chris P: It looks alright to me Gordon R: I did something like that once. Actually … Continue reading

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Senior Army Officers hit the jackpot after the First World War

    Field-Marshal Sir Douglas Haig 100,000 Field-Marshal Viscount French 50,000 Field-Marshal Sir Edmund Allenby 50,000 Field-Marshal Sir H. Plumer 30,000 Field-Marshal Sir Henry Wilson 10 000 General Sir Henry Rawlinson 30,000 General The Hon. Sir Julian Byng 30,000 General … Continue reading

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Air Force One crashes in Nebraska

Panic stricken, the local sheriff mobilized and descended on the farm in force. When they got there, the disaster was clear. The aircraft was totally destroyed. The sheriff and his men couldn’t find the President’s body. They spotted a lone … Continue reading

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Easy Rider(s)?

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