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Disruptive Technology and the Fourth Industrial Revolution

An ultra- modern householder in 1914 probably purchased recently invented gadgets powered by electricity like toasters, vacuum cleaners, ovens and telephones. These, and subsequent, inventions are the disruptive technology of our era. For example by 1954, 1.75 million domestic servant … Continue reading

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Availability Bias

Jim thinks that petrol is expensive because he doesn’t get a weekly depreciation/insurance/maintenance bill for his car. (Chris)

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The Sweetest Music

Ethel Lillian Voynich’s book, The Gadfly, Centred on the brooding revolution, Where the oppressed in Russia Knew only inequity. Religion, Rebellion Revolution, contagious Swept from Russia into China In time the story was filmed. Dmitry Shostakovich composed The Opus 97, … Continue reading

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Stanton and Staveley.

Not a name that jumps out at you but in the sixties I was a snotty nosed plumbers apprentice sent to work on a building site at “The Barbican” in the centre of London. Apparently  Haden’s (the company I was … Continue reading

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Immortal: Family Life

Horror! Immortal in a mortal world Immune to ageing and living with Wives and children, decaying, growing old And their father and husband? Ah! And our grand- children grow old Grow old too fast for me. They are repulsed. My … Continue reading

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Malapropism: a victim speaks

After a brutal attack Jim was asked if he would report it to the police. He replied, “Nah the police wouldn’t be interested. To them it’s just one more sadistic.” (Del)

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Was Osama bin Laden Assassinated*?

The question, ‘Was Osama bin Laden Assassinated?’ is crucially important. If he wasn’t then he was murdered. That would leave President Obama and Hillary Clinton as co- conspirators to murder. Additionally the US Navy Seals who committed the act would … Continue reading

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Cathy Come Home

You will not be alone… Your life judged, wanton By middle class bigots Who sneered so politely When hands were washed In pejorative spite. That cold room washed in lime Where hypocrites Wrung their hands in silent glee To see … Continue reading

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Gentrification: a downside

“I hate crummy old inner-city blocks getting all revitalised with swish little stores catering to queers and stoned interracial couples.” John Updike Rabbit is Rich

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Technology I Hate

Me, Irascible! I have disliked the bloody machine ever since it was squeezed into our kitchen. It sits malevolent in its innocent white drop down door. It was instant abhorrence since the day Jan took my empty plate (without letting … Continue reading

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