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Faith based science?

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Life Expectancy, Health Care and Lifestyle Choices

The USA spends the greatest amount of money per capita on health care. This hasn’t translated into the highest life expectancy. Their life expectancy lags behind poorer countries. Pure medical solutions compete with the lifestyles of their population. If a … Continue reading

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Boris Johnson cashes a cheque

Boris needs to cash a cheque and approaching the cashier says, “Good morning, could you cash this cheque for me?” “It’s my pleasure. But first I need to see ID?” “I didn’t think that was necessary. I’m the Prime Minister.”” … Continue reading

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Woody Guthrie discovers Catholic hypocrisy

“Son, I have been in this service [Roman Catholic priest] all my life. I have seen to it that thousands of men just like you got to work for a meal. But, right at this moment, there is no kind … Continue reading

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We Never Learn: Cartoon from 1970s

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Mocking white supremacist ‘fears’

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Institutional Police Racism and Section 60 ‘Stop and Search’

In a bid to help the police tackle knife crime, in 2019 the government relaxed guidance on Section 60 of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994, enabling police to stop and search people without suspicion or ‘reasonable grounds’. … Continue reading

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A parrot in Putin’s Russia

Ivan rushed into the police station and gasped, “I want to report my parrot has escaped.” “We’ve more important things to do than look for your parrot!” laughed the policeman. “I’m not expecting you to find him. I just want … Continue reading

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TV Review: Frasier ~ TV series (Channel4 catch-up) (Kelsey Grammer) (1993-2004)

Being bored I punted round the various catch-up sites, Netflix and so on and came across Frasier, which I’d watched nearly 30 years ago. I wondered, whether it would it be like visiting an elderly relative who’d declined into despair … Continue reading

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What energy crisis?

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