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Two Very English Jokes

One Argument Jim and his wife have only had one argument in their married life. It began on their wedding day. Grey Socks God invented grey socks so that Englishmen won’t be embarrassed wearing sandals. (Mike W.)

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Raise The Flag

My words to a familiar tune. Lets raise our banner way up high, the working man will never die As labour is a might of force, we are the hope, the fighting cause. Then raise again – our standard true, … Continue reading

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Lord Kitchener: his impact on 20th Century Warfare

Britain was in its zenith in the Edwardian period. The British controlled the world’s greatest empire. Both the army and navy were enormous. British grandeur and greatness were universally acknowledged. The Scramble for Africa was ‘won’ by Britain with other … Continue reading

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Existentialism and Hiroshima (6th August 1945)

You’re you and nothing but you You do what you do and you do it You’re a person who does knows what to do And you’re the man who dropped the bomb on Hiroshima You dropped that bomb no- one … Continue reading

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A Carnivore Reminisces

“Herds of cattle had been driven into him by the immensity of his appetite, porkers by the score had trotted obediantly between his teeth.” David Hughes The Pork Butcher (Chris)

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The Real World

On the estate where we live, there are petty crooks, drug addicts, alcoholics, perverts and general low life, all mixed in with angels, professional people, artists, musicians, and sweet older people who like us, despair at the way our world … Continue reading

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Ultra Low Mileage by ONE Careful Driver  BUYER COLLECTS (Chris)  

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Political Ineptitude

Stand on your soapbox stool Spout hypocrisy in, “The House of Humbug” Spin your words of drivel May 7th, your time is now so short. No more junkets abroad After the axe, you’ll be unemployed! Are you skilled in anything … Continue reading

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Auschwitz and Complicity in Mass Murder

Rudolph Hoss, the commandant of Auschwitz, was executed on the 16thApril, 1947 for ‘crimes against humanity’. Hoss was a fervent Nazi and ran Auschwitz with brutal enthusiasm. Auschwitz was the end of a long process where very many people made … Continue reading

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Shock and Awe: Parts One and Two


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