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Book Review: Percival Everett ~ The Trees (2022)

Background The 1955 depraved murder of Emmett Till, aged 14, by racists in Mississippi was shocking but not freakishly so.1 What was unique was his mother allowing mourners to see his mutilated body in an open casket. The outrage became … Continue reading

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A Conservative economic triumph: a new Food Bank


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The UK Mayoral Elections, 2021

Turnout in none of the eleven 2021 Mayoral elections came close to 50%+1.The electorate shunned the opportunity to participate. (see Addendum) Does this affect the legitimacy of the result? Let’s imagine an election in fictional Loncaster which has an electorate … Continue reading

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Michael Gove and the Politics of School Uniform

We will support schools to introduce traditional blazer-and-tie uniforms, prefects and house systems.1 Michael Gove, parliamentary debate, 2010 Background Michael Gove, alumni of Robert Gordon College, Aberdeen, parades traditional values, which he claims to epitomise. He’s a Conservative cabinet minister. … Continue reading

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The Transition from Workhouses: the 1930s

By the 1920s the workhouse system was anachronistic. Democratic reforms in 1918 meant wealth was no longer a qualification for the franchise. The 1929 reforms of relief of the poor led to the formation of Public Assistance Committees. This didn’t … Continue reading

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The price of dedication

A council debate was becoming heated. As tempers became frayed Joe sneered: “Have you heard of Bob Froyd?” “No.” “Well,” Joe said triumphantly, “if you attended more council meetings, you’d know that he’s the man who’s opening a strip club … Continue reading

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Brecon by-election: Tactical voting 2019

  At the Brecon by-election the Labour party didn’t withdraw they just didn’t try very hard. The Conservative party chairman described this as, ‘Dirty tricks’. It wasn’t obvious whether he was being ironical at the time. Nonetheless it is a … Continue reading

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Not everyone is middle-class with assets

Rachel and Jack1 are in their late thirties, with two young children. Both are immature but have worked hard on their relationship. Jack’s a self-employed window cleaner, odd job man, labourer and gardener. He’s hardly ever in steady full time … Continue reading

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A Beautiful New Council Development

A new build housing development Who, could deny, the need But, as in these multi-pound deals Might there be, an element of greed? Cram it dense, build it high Blot the landscape, the rich will buy But first, destroy the … Continue reading

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Exploitation of public assets by London Borough of Havering, 2018

This year (2018) our local Harrow Lodge Park was subjected to two hideous instances of corporate exploitation. The flats can be viewed as luxurious, they are spaciously built to “Parker Morris” standards and with an envious view over the park … Continue reading

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