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In the Line of Fire: British Style

A British cabinet minister once asked his bodyguard if he could actually prevent an assassination. “I doubt it,” the officer replied, “but being so close I could write a much better report.” (Chris)

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Stay as They Are

Knowing the day could be calamitous or at least memorable, Jan and I joined the tube at Elm Park Station last Wednesday morning to wend our way across Londons metropolis from the East to North West – Maida Vale station. … Continue reading

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Summer Forgiveness

Fading memories Summer heat kills fearfulness Dreaming of harmony. (Chris)

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Assymetry: a joke

Jim had been happily married for 40 years unlike his wife. (Chris)

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Fluid National Identities, 1919- 2014

Because of the stunning success of the Act of Union, 1801, British people have had 213 years of relative national stability. Britain has been stable whilst the rest of Europe has been a cauldron of fluid national identities. This stability … Continue reading

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Arthur Balfour on politics

“Nothing matters very much, and few things matter at all.” British Prime Minister 1902- 05

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