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Marriage Counselling at its finest

After 35 years of marriage, a husband and wife came for counselling. When asked what the problem was, the wife went into a tirade listing every problem they had ever had in the years they had been married. On and … Continue reading

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Tales of perfidy

Once upon a time, many, many years ago I was a builder working in east London. Most of the people I worked for were housing association tenants, they were usually skint. I arrived to start a biggish job in Leyton … Continue reading

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A philosopher contemplates death: Voltaire (1770)

In any case, Voltaire* added jocularly, he expected to die shortly and would soon find out who was right concerning immortality of the soul— Plato or Spinoza, Saint Paul or Epictetus, Christianity or Confucianism. *This is jocular because Voltaire was … Continue reading

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The older I’m getting Time seems to pass quicker I’m used to forgetting Dates and events – I struggle to remember People’s names. That’s bad enough Then twice a year The clocks change I always forget To alter my watch … Continue reading

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Two London Conveyancing Lawyers: a joke

Joseph Why did you stamp on that snail Frederick? Frederick He’s been following me all morning. Chris

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Paolo Maldini: a great Italian defender

In football, successful defenders can be a nightmare for [gambling] statisticians. During his playing years for Milan and Italy, Paolo Maldini averaged one tackle every other game. It wasn’t because he was a lazy player; it was because he didn’t … Continue reading

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The Bow and Arrow Pub, Harold Hill

Those who have read my blog on the Pompadours pub (aka the “Flying Bottles”) may have got the impression that all of Harold Hill was a nest of malcontents, vicious thugs and criminal with no moral compass. This is not true. … Continue reading

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Pollution in the ‘Good Old Days’: New York 1880

By 1880, there were at least a hundred and fifty thousand horses living in New York, and probably a great many more. Each one relieved itself of, on average, twenty-two pounds of manure a day, meaning that the city’s production … Continue reading

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You Might Think I’m Nuts!

To relax, I close myself away Sometimes try to write or get creative Always in the company of music Not the frippery of teenage stuff Serious music, with body and thought Created with tender care and passion, Albenoni, Brahms, Chopin, … Continue reading

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A Spanish Wage-Slave

“Carlos Recio was appointed Head of Archives in March 2006,” a Council spokesperson told reporters in Valencia, “to work as the chief bibliographer. However, a recent investigation confirms that he has never shown up for work since that date, never … Continue reading

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