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A Pyrrhic* Victory: David Cameron, May 2015

David Cameron’s Conservative party won the British general election on 7th May 2015. This victory ended five years of coalition government with the Liberal Democrats. Cameron has freed himself from the constraints of coalition partnership with the Liberal Democrats but … Continue reading

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Metropolis: A Wordless Poem

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The Nobel Peace Prize as Satire

1973: Henry Kissinger for realising he’d lost the war South East Asia, especially Viet Nam. 2009: Barack Obama for not starting a war in his first nine months in office. (Chris)

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Old Housing and Working Conditions

1953 to 1963 Gibson Square Islington. Raised from 3 years old, in what was then a slum area – a large ten roomed Regency terraced house situated on one of Islington’s now prestigious squares, nearly each room let out to … Continue reading

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Fairy Elephant

There I am, in my bed All warm and snug & cosy When at 5:15 it has to be said My world is anything, but rosy. The rhythmic pounding of your feet Wakens me with a puzzled start While I … Continue reading

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A Benny Hill* joke

Just because no one complains doesn’t mean that all parachutes are perfect. *Benny Hill was a British comedian who enjoyed great success on TV between 1960 and 1983. (Chris)

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The 1908 Old-Age Pension Act

The 1908 Old-Age Pension Act was revolutionary legislation embodying the very best of British politics. For the first time there was to be state intervention in the living standards of the people. Assistance was given through non-contributory pensions recognising that … Continue reading

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