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A safety briefing by a budget airline

“We crash, we die,” said the pilot. “That gets the safety briefing out of the way.” Stephen Leather Hot Blood

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Six years ago a nice elderly couple moved into our tower block opposite our flat. I was quite pleased as it meant we would probably have neighbours who wouldn’t cause any nuisance, with loud music or have weird young yobs … Continue reading

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Book Review: Stephen Leather Cold Kill

Cold Kill is the third Dan ‘Spider’ Shepherd novel where he imperceptibly shades from being an undercover police officer into an assassin. His journey begins when he goes undercover to penetrate a people smuggling group who turn out to be … Continue reading

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Some Say

If only, I could win some money What would be enough? Two hundred thousand pounds Or perhaps a couple of million might be better? How much is enough? She of the ‘dark side’ said “There is no magic money tree” … Continue reading

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Drunk Driving: Australian style

A police patrol car parked outside a pub late in the evening. The officer noticed a man leave the pub so intoxicated that he could scarcely walk. The man stumbled as he went to his car. Five cars left the … Continue reading

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Fidel Castro, Regime Change and American Imperialism 1956-61

Fidel Castro successfully deposed the Cuban dictator Fulgencio Batista in 1959. It quickly became apparent to the Americans that Castro wouldn’t be another patsy like Batista. Batista fulfilled the model of Latin American dictators insofar as he promoted American big … Continue reading

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Paul Simon, the singer, on Nelson Mandela

Yeah, yeah. And he says, “What are you doing defending this guy Mandela? He’s obviously a communist. My friend Henry Kissinger told me about where all of the money’s coming from,” and all of this. I was, like, all due … Continue reading

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Adolf Hitler’s pitiless indifference to the suffering of the Wehrmacht 7th November 1942

The table was elegantly set with silver cutlery, cut glass, good china and flower arrangements. As we began our ample meal, none of us at first saw that a freight train was stopped on the adjacent track. From the cattle … Continue reading

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Organic Food Eaters

“Most people don’t realize this, but you can eat organic, all natural, gluten-free food without telling everyone around you.” Chris Rock

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The Rabbits Pub

  Stapleford Road, North-East of Harold Hill, is a nice friendly place for people from London like me and my family. Being City bred and born, it was such a difference to have a country pub on our doorstep. Just the ambiance … Continue reading

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