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Remember when cigarettes were good for you?

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Book Review: Thomas Penn ~ The Brothers York: An English Tragedy (2019)

Thomas Penn’s day has come! Who’d have thought an academic work on the York brothers would be of the moment? Well he has Hilary Mantel to thank. She’s turbo-charged medieval history into a central position with her Thomas Cromwell trilogy. … Continue reading

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Washing on the Front Room Table

Just before bedtime, We boys had to be washed The bowl of hot water, soap, flannel and towel On the table, waiting for each boy Dad would select one of us Never the same one twice, in line A soaped … Continue reading

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Get your cure where you can

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Book Review: Helen Cresswell ~ Bagthorpes Unlimited (1978)

Coronavirus fatigue makes you want a laugh, a ‘laugh out loud’ laugh. Helen Cresswell’s series The Bagthorpe Saga was my first point of call. Bagthorpes Unlimited is her third book and is a total joy from start to finish. The … Continue reading

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A couple of drinks at the Ritz

Gordon and his wife went to the Ritz where they had a whiskey and a gin and tonic. After sitting for a while enjoying the ambience they decided to leave. Gordon called over the waiter to settle his bill. He … Continue reading

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Mount Everest as a business


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Elderly Prisoners, Over-crowded Prisons and the Coronavirus Pandemic

‘Prisons designed for fit, young men must adjust to the largely unexpected and unplanned roles of care home and even hospice. Increasingly, prison staff are having to manage not just ageing prisoners and their age-related conditions, but also the end … Continue reading

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Wine and social class

Richard M.

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Russell Howard on gay marriage

“You hear all these dickheads, ‘Gay marriage is not natural!’ Neither’s marriage! Humans are the only ones that have weddings. I’ve never seen a duck dressed as a vicar.” Chris

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