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The Wave

Tiny rainbows gleefully arch the surfboard Dancing with the surfer’s legs. Admiring The wave beneath him. The billion Gallons of inspiration crest majestically Oceanic aspiration created over thousands of miles Bring together timeless youth with aesthetic genius. Doubts kill when … Continue reading

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Likely Lad

Should have been called ‘Sad Lad” Always scared of mockery He shunned friendship Just in case! Words of spurn spread. Even family named him ‘Only the lonely’ Watching him Hunched over his coffee Reading auto biogs Paper news and views. … Continue reading

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David Cameron: Shirkers and Strivers

George Osborne divides Britain into ‘shirkers’ and ‘strivers’ hoping to prove that the poor are poor because they are lazy. Could the same concept be applied to him and others in the Cabinet? Building on Michael Gove’s analysis for academic … Continue reading

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War: Part Three

Anonymous murder: Bombers do what bombers do Casually destroying, casually killing Upturned puzzled faces in roofless trenches Soldiers blown to smithereens from above. Anonymous slaughter: Engineers do what engineers do Bombs scattering down, innnocents’ disintegrate, Cities cratered, re- shaped, revealed. … Continue reading

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