A Message From The Grave- Kids

Destiny has no hurry
So walk slowly
Gently see each mile
Smile while you may.

Tears will visit
Time to time
Strife is, after all…
Just part of life.

True love lasts
Steadfast, beyond time
Hold each deep
Cherish your Memories.

Let each loving kiss
Remain in bliss
Stay true and unafraid
Your destiny is made.

If your dreams are crushed
See moonbeams…
Turned to dust
Be not afraid.

Speak softly, your words
Turn anger to love
Strike, hate from your heart
Tomorrow’s a new start.

Always keep joy as your friend
Spend time to send
Eighty times a week
Say, “I love you”.

May you find soft smiles
Eyes that hypotise
Trust, your journey
You won’t always cry.

May life’s happiness grow
Be loud for you
As a tumultuous wonderment
As mine has been with Jan.

Your Friend

Great granddad, Granddad, Dad


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