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Bringing Joy and Happiness

Richard M

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Constructed out of moonbeams

In the past nearly seventy two years Most nights, I have laid me down to sleep Sometimes that blissful state Does not enfold me easily. But, on the many good nights I have simply, drifted away… I don’t know, precisely … Continue reading

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Housing in the mid 70s

Raised in Islington until in my early 20s, as young man in those days, I met a girl, a very pretty girl, and fell madly in love. How fickle she turned out to be? When she told me I was … Continue reading

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In A New Young Lovers Dawn

A world past In weeks and years, They slipped by So ephemeral. How many thoughts What words were whispered? As the dance of life lingered fleeting Soft in the pillow case lace. Did I remember the love The tender smiles … Continue reading

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I’ll try anything to be happy- Cartoons, romcoms, disco nights, Gambling, drinking, driving maniacally, Flirting at work, flirting with strangers. Church- going, volunteering Being pleasantly aloof and unthreatening, Buying clothes, shoes, presents, Looking sad, looking jolly, looking ill. What more … Continue reading

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Memories Are Made Of This

Dead skin dances in the sunshine. Immobile, thinking of winter, the paraplegic Remembers cold wet snow. Pressing Snow into balls. Throwing. Ducking. Diving. Building snowmen. Cold hands, chilblains “Great days,” he thought. Sweat drips “Nurse!” he thought. “My neck is … Continue reading

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