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This week (10th April 2018) we’ve seen scenes of children in Syria being hosed down. They were victims of chemical weapons being used against them and their parents. Something must have triggered that barbaric move against the civilians of that … Continue reading

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Passions stirred violently in Acacia Avenue Years of easy unthinking living disappeared in a moment Careful budgeting, penny pinching, and rising house prices Meant security, a comfort blanket, unchallenged living Nice living. Then passions came into their lives. They didn’t … Continue reading


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British Military Interventions 2001-15

Beginning in 2001, the UK has been in continuous war and the current (2015) military commitment in Iraq and Syria is open-ended. The principal characteristics of the four major conflicts has been that they aren’t against countries. The 9/11 attacks … Continue reading

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Syria: David Cameron, World Statesman, speaks

 Syria needs BRITISH bombs. (Chris)

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Capital Punishment: British Style

              “And the executioner’s face is always well hidden.” (Bob Dylan A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall) (Chris)

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