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The cost of everything, no longer has value.

Whilst waiting at the bar, to be serve, two young men finally finished their food and drinks order. As the barmaid totalled up the cost on the electric till the lad standing next to me whipped out his mobile phone … Continue reading

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Pensioners’ Money

Money saved, loved, squirreled. Counted, calibrated, cherished. Reward money, immortal money, cascading money, Buying love money, “You’re in my will,” money. Money illusion money, delusion money Count it again money. Life. Is that all it is? Money? Money: going to … Continue reading

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Chanting Money Blues

Pensioner money. Immortal money. Buying love money. ‘You’re in my will’ money. Buy, buy ‘For tomorrow we die’ money. Nursing home money, cemetery money. ‘Can’t take it with you’ money: Money. Saved. Loved. Feared. Frittering money. Gambling money. Holidaying money. … Continue reading

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