Dad’s slippers lay crumpled by his dresser
Together matched, waiting in vain
Idle these five days – past forgotten
Soft chequered uppers, of faded silk-cotton.
Just a week ago they shuffled slowly
A few inches at a time
Dad bent and feeble, with shaking hands
Slippers hiding his aching feet.
Did he know, that night?
That he would slip away from life
Did his dreams end abruptly;
To meet that fabled light.
We miss old Dad
The only Dad we had
Once so loving strong
Nice memories belong.
The undertaker – a morose gaunt man
Made the arrangements
Like a military plan
Pleased with his engagement.
“Were any special Requirements” he asked?
His best suit was dusted down
On a whim I took his slippers
To join him in the ground.

“Bye Dad” I whimpered
As I kissed the soft cloth
Handed over like a treadle stone weight
“May we meet again – at the pearly gate”?


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1 Response to Slippers

  1. Peter Baxendale says:

    Beautiful sentiments,Mike

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