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A God for the twenty- first century

I’m God I’m not Yahweh, the Holy Ghost or Allah I’m your god. I’m not a jealous god, or a vengeful god I’m not omnipotent and, especially, I’m not omniscient. I’m not judgemental and I’m erratic and inconsistent I’m an … Continue reading


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The Maggie Thatcher Quartet

Thatcher: 1 So, off you popped then Milk snatcher, Union basher, Good job God forgives (Eric) Thatcher: 2 At last, elated Deserved- cremated May she suffer for her  past!!! (Mike) Thatcher: 3 Those who knew her best Brought her political … Continue reading

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Autumn: 2

God is waiting- affronted. “Where is Winter?” He asks Autumn. “Coming when all is lost.”

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Autumn: 3

Punish optimism! Autumn winds justly sweep in, God is avenged.

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