I Know What I Know

Not metres, centimetres or millimetres
What’s wrong with an inch, foot or yard
As for centilitres – well, I know what’s a pint
Time was a pound had twenty shillings
With a thousand pounds you were rich
You’d  struggle to buy a second hand car
These days for a paltry grand.

I knew there were fourteen pounds in a stone
At twelve stone, I was clear – not seventy-six kg
so why all this babble about kilograms’
I could look forward to a nice warm day
When seventy meant “Fahrenheit”
Just a little over 21 “Celsius”
Means nothing to me.

Miles have morphed into kilometres
How could that be?
Has Britain gone completely continental?
Well the powers that be
Must have forgot to ask me!
Maybe I’m just sentimental
But, I know what I know.


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