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Concert Review: The Rolling Stones- 22 May 2018 London

Former rock royalty Liam Gallagher was the backing artist. He had a terrific backing band who were badly let down by their front man. He didn’t understand what he had to do. A Rolling Stones audience knows what they like … Continue reading

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Two Horses

Both immensely strong, but gentle in nature Softly nodding greetings, ready for the day Not yet fully dawn light spreads from the East The ‘tack room’ holding leather smells Chains, stout collars braids and brasses Long girth belts, bridle bits … Continue reading

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Halcyon Days

Most Sundays, Mum would cook lunch, we called it dinner She spent hours perfecting it I would stand by her side and marvel How such pleasure was choreographed. No fancy measures, no stress She would explain, “Yorkshire pudding” must be … Continue reading

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The Best and Worst of Times

We’d tumble down grass field slopes With friends, in high pitched yells of “Geronimo” Laughs from the belly as Bert boshed the cow-pat His hand to his elbow smattered in cow-poo. That day was just one in that short summer … Continue reading

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Do modern children know the magic?

In my younger days, near every school, there would be a “tuck-shop” usually called the ‘sweet shop’. Most of those shops were decked out in shelving that supported row upon row of big glass jars with large screw top lids. Each … Continue reading

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Not a Shakespearan Sonnet

The seasons come anew, each in its time, ordered The remembrance, simply lost after years I marvel how nothing’s disordered Knowing galaxies have no frontiers Silent planets, orbiting stars Dark matter swirls between the spaces Understanding neither mine, nor ours … Continue reading

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I Know What I Know

Not metres, centimetres or millimetres What’s wrong with an inch, foot or yard As for centilitres – well, I know what’s a pint Time was a pound had twenty shillings With a thousand pounds you were rich You’d  struggle to … Continue reading

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