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Alcohol Abused

Beer Guinness: Irish sludge Stella Artois: Brain damage Spirits Brandy: An expensive way to get a headache Whisky: £150 for a half decent bottle Wine House wine: Mouthwash Prosecco: Lemonade for adults

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Wine and social class

Richard M.

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Heroic Drinking in Tanganyika

One of Hosking’s jobs in Tanganyika was to buy the drinks for the dinner parties held by the mining community – the rations consisted of a crate of beer or a bottle of whisky per person. ‘It sounds more than … Continue reading

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Winston Churchill’s recipe for a long life

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A Dinner Party Conversation

Mummy: Don’t stare at Uncle Jim Jane. Jane: I don’t want to miss it Mummy. Mummy: Miss what Jane? Jane: I don’t want to miss seeing Uncle Jim drink like a fish. (Chris)

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Lethal Drugs and Lethal Sports

Some drug taking and some lethal sports are illegal in Britain. They are illegal regardless of the rationality of the participants. It appears that the state believes that some activities are so lethal that any participant couldn’t be compos mentis … Continue reading

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Legalise Drugs Now!

The Suicide Act, 1961, finally noticed the insanity of legislation that criminalised suicide. Prior to decriminalisation, people attempting suicide and failing were prosecuted. Ignoring panics associated with religion politicians began the greatest reforming era in British political life. Since then successive … Continue reading

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