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Book Review: Paul Theroux ~ O-Zone (1986)

This book fizzes with ideas based around fear. The wealthy fear the poor and erect buildings which are fortresses inside sealed cities. Travel is by helicopter as ground level movement is hazardous as well as being slow from endless checkpoints. … Continue reading

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Technology and beneficial job destruction

Introduction Traditionally work was regarded as a necessity. This is challenged by constant improvements in technological devices and strategies. Entire sectors of employment have disappeared. The changes cause immediate pain through unemployment, which is the price of economic innovation. Constant … Continue reading

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The scourge of loneliness has no age, gender, or particular type. Mostly, it affects the old and single people who for whatever reason find themselves living alone. This malady seems worse at specific occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas or … Continue reading

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Mechanical Winkle

The wiggley bit would normally fit On the thread, by the cog, in the doings, But, to get to the part, is a dexterous art, And first you must really do, two things – Take the silver pin ratchet, and … Continue reading

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George Silverlock

George was a master plumber who I first met on a building site on the High Street, Waltham Cross (London). He and his brother, Harry Silverlock, were natural comedians who, effortlessly, had us youngsters in fits of laughter at the most unexpected … Continue reading

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Alice is old In her ninety four year old body Sometimes, Alice feels she has lived an eternity But she is still young behind her bright eyes. Her mind is still sharp Ready to ever engage with, evolving modernity. Visiting … Continue reading

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I can’t solve my problems So I’m going to kill myself, In a memorable way. Go down in history Then I’ll break out of my dullness. Just once. I’ll wait for bright sunshine so the images are clear Crowds of … Continue reading

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Disruptive Technology and the Fourth Industrial Revolution

An ultra- modern householder in 1914 probably purchased recently invented gadgets powered by electricity like toasters, vacuum cleaners, ovens and telephones. These, and subsequent, inventions are the disruptive technology of our era. For example by 1954, 1.75 million domestic servant … Continue reading

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Technology I Hate

Me, Irascible! I have disliked the bloody machine ever since it was squeezed into our kitchen. It sits malevolent in its innocent white drop down door. It was instant abhorrence since the day Jan took my empty plate (without letting … Continue reading

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War: Part Two


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