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Alice is old In her ninety four year old body Sometimes, Alice feels she has lived an eternity But she is still young behind her bright eyes. Her mind is still sharp Ready to ever engage with, evolving modernity. Visiting … Continue reading

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The Generations

When I was little I thought my Dad knew absolutely everything about everything. He thought nothing of stripping down the starter motor on our old car to replace the carbon brushes – to mending our shoes. He even replaced broken … Continue reading

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Town Hall Mouse

“Well I declare”, said the Mayor with a stare – “There’s a mouse, just a sitting right there on my chair”. The Deputy Mayor looked over and said, “My goodness you’re right and its made it his bed”. The Mace … Continue reading

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Working in the 1970s

We nicknamed the huge treble extension ladder “Big Bertha” as it really was a beast with thirty rungs in each in each of its three sections, the bottom and middle section fitted with ropes and pulley wheels. In 1972 I … Continue reading

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