Mechanical Winkle

The wiggley bit would normally fit
On the thread, by the cog, in the doings,
But, to get to the part, is a dexterous art,
And first you must really do, two things –
Take the silver pin ratchet, and twist it a crotchet,
Till the lid and the opening meet –
Then squeeze both the sockets,
Until the saving post pockets shows the gubbins,
You set out, to seek.
And before the blunt toggle slips down in the hollow,
Grab the spigot that leans to the right –
Push down on that lever like a mad butcher’s cleaver –
The toggle might seem a bit tight –
Once its free, then you’ll see –
The key to your struggles –
Laid on its back on an old wooden rack,
Don’t let the oil get cold, or soon you’ll be told –
“Give it up, it might spoil, for all of your toil –
Best give it up, and just – put it back”.


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