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The scourge of loneliness has no age, gender, or particular type. Mostly, it affects the old and single people who for whatever reason find themselves living alone. This malady seems worse at specific occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas or … Continue reading


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A bachelor all his life Worked for the Councils’ parks department Just didn’t seem to find a wife But, felt himself trapped in the grounds compartment. Found more interesting work As a lorry driver, he travelled the road Rejected ideas … Continue reading

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Making and Living

This hotel is not for me I’m dining out but I’m lonely There isn’t much in Newbury Come here yourself and then you’ll see. Actually don’t. Just take it from me I met a girl who dreams a lot Seems … Continue reading

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Old and in love

I’m so old, so very old, I’ve forgotten that I’m a man I’ve forgotten that I’m alive I’ve forgotten that once I had Simple, simple pleasures. Long ago. I’m so old, so very old I’ve forgotten how to eat I’ve … Continue reading

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Odeboyz Goes Shopping

13:21 13:21 13:21 It’s 13 minutes and 21 seconds: It’s the Odeboyz weekly shop PB* It’s climbing Everest without oxygen It’s rowing the Atlantic single- handedly It’s stunning. It’s beyond belief. It’s 100% Kosher. It’s a no tweaking, no fine- … Continue reading

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