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Who said the class war has stopped?

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Senior Army Officers hit the jackpot after the First World War

    Field-Marshal Sir Douglas Haig 100,000 Field-Marshal Viscount French 50,000 Field-Marshal Sir Edmund Allenby 50,000 Field-Marshal Sir H. Plumer 30,000 Field-Marshal Sir Henry Wilson 10 000 General Sir Henry Rawlinson 30,000 General The Hon. Sir Julian Byng 30,000 General … Continue reading

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A visit to Aunty Hilda’s, 1949

In 1949 I lived in the stark secure world of north London. Being five years old I didn’t realise that differences in living conditions could be enormous. My two brothers and I lived in a large ten room house in … Continue reading

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Wine and social class

Richard M.

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Toxic snobbery at Trinity College, Cambridge: 1970s

Coleridge [was] invited by the master [of the college] to a meet-and-greet for the alumni of “top public schools” where champagne is served. It transpires there are two more parties, the second for those from lesser public schools and grammars, … Continue reading

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Home contents insurance

In the late 1990s, an elderly tenant living on the estate rang me to asked me to come and see her as she had a problem. I was at her door within ten minutes. I had known Pat for a … Continue reading

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What you need

What you need, is her Strong and stable leadership- willing to make the difficult decisions Just read MY manifesto, I have been very clear I am the only safe pair of hands For this country to trust I’ll do what … Continue reading

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I wasn’t embarrassed even though it was embarrassing She refused to play with the other children and Said, “They’re too stupid to play with!” In her piercing voice. I smiled a little smile, an uncomfortable smile Then she said, “It’s … Continue reading

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With the result of the Corbyn / Smith election The membership’s – unequivocal rejection of Smith It should also tell the Parliamentary Labour MPs, Ordinary members, don’t like their attitude. I wouldn’t be as magnanimous as Jeremy Who it seems, … Continue reading

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Pithy sayings of my father

On ‘Directed Labour’ (2nd WW) I’m free to do as I’m told. On Winston Churchill (2nd WW) He’s the enemy of the workingman. On the birth of Prince Charles (1947) Another parasite who’ll live off the backs of the workingman … Continue reading

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