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Football as a metaphor for everything

‘And probably mixed feelings for Tony Blair there,’ said the commentator. ‘Being reminded, perhaps, that sometimes, winning is the easy bit, it’s the aftermath that is the real challenge.’ ‘Very much so, Barry. And that’s as true in football as … Continue reading

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How Former Prime Ministers Get Rich

The last four British prime ministers left office and became speech makers, receiving enormous fees.1 Tony Blair, as a superstar, commands the highest. He was prime minister for ten years and at the centre of world affairs. His earnings are … Continue reading

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Politics over thirty six years

During my life as a hard line unionist I’ve considered myself to be on the left of main stream politics. In the late 1970s I was very tempted to join the Communist party but instead, in the summer of 1983, … Continue reading

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Book Review: John O’Farrell ~ There’s only two David Beckhams

A wonderful satire on football is exactly what’s needed in a post-World Cup period and this is that book. O’Farrell has made the wildly improbable plausible- including a Raheem Sterling goal. The book begins with Tony Blair elected as a … Continue reading

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With the result of the Corbyn / Smith election The membership’s – unequivocal rejection of Smith It should also tell the Parliamentary Labour MPs, Ordinary members, don’t like their attitude. I wouldn’t be as magnanimous as Jeremy Who it seems, … Continue reading

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An Uncompromising Librarian

Jim: “Where do I find Tony Blair’s* autobiography? Librarian (without looking up): “Fiction.” *UK Prime Minister 1997- 2007 (Chris)

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