Senior Army Officers hit the jackpot after the First World War

Field-Marshal Sir Douglas Haig 100,000
Field-Marshal Viscount French 50,000
Field-Marshal Sir Edmund Allenby 50,000
Field-Marshal Sir H. Plumer 30,000
Field-Marshal Sir Henry Wilson 10 000
General Sir Henry Rawlinson 30,000
General The Hon. Sir Julian Byng 30,000
General Sir Henry Horne 30,000
General Sir William Robertson 10 000
General Sir William Birdwood 10,000
Lieut.-Colonel Sir Maurice Hankey 25,000

Corrected for inflation £100,000 equates to £5,280,365 in 2020 and therefore £10,000 is £528,036. Lieut-Colonel Sir Maurice Hankey is interesting in this list as he was a civilian bureaucrat with a military title.

Inflation source Inflation calculator | Bank of England

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