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With the result of the Corbyn / Smith election The membership’s – unequivocal rejection of Smith It should also tell the Parliamentary Labour MPs, Ordinary members, don’t like their attitude. I wouldn’t be as magnanimous as Jeremy Who it seems, … Continue reading


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A Socialist-Comrade

I have never experienced such a fast moving instability in the Labour Party. I find it inconceivable that the parliamentary Labour MPs have passed a motion of “no confidence” in Jeremy Corbyn. He is the only Labour leader with the right … Continue reading

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Winston Churchill’s ‘Gestapo’ speech (4th June 1945)

In June 1945, Britain resumed competitive politics for the first time since 1931. Churchill, who had spent five years surrounded by sycophants, reverted to toxic reactionary Victorian conservatism. His wartime rhetoric had been inspirational but his first peacetime broadcast demonstrated … Continue reading

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Enoch Powell’s* Prophecy, 1964

“In the end, the Labour Party could cease to represent labour. Stranger historic ironies have happened than that.” *He was a right-wing Conservative politician and political philosopher. (Chris)

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Democracy: The London Borough of Havering (2)

(Chris and Del)

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