With the result of the Corbyn / Smith election
The membership’s – unequivocal rejection of Smith
It should also tell the Parliamentary Labour MPs,
Ordinary members, don’t like their attitude.

I wouldn’t be as magnanimous as Jeremy
Who it seems, wants to draw a line under events
No doubt to offer positions to some of the discontents
That through the summer have proved to be his enemies.

Their disaffection has caused so much damage,
Damage to the party, that should never have happened
Each constituency CLPs should consider – deselection
Leave one maggot ridden apple, and the adage
Blair, the millionaire, will stalk the socialists again.

So what if Jeremy, didn’t go to Eton
Speaks his mind, with passion, not like a Tory cretin
The Tory mantra, living within the budget,
Whilst food banks are keeping kids alive
Is grotesque in this the now sixth wealthiest country
Only a few years ago we were the fourth richest.

Could it be the yuppies and bankers profit syphoning
That has drained our resources by so much?
Might Blair and the other Tory bloodsuckers
Shiver at the thought anarcho-syndicalism
Could and should – put them in history as
Greedy, no-good  scum, living off the backs
Of the trenchant, seething, working class.

The NHS under Jeremy Hunt, disgraceful
Social housing under IDS provision for young couples, disgraceful
The introduction of “Quangos”, disgraceful
Thuggery, of the mental and physical disabled, disgraceful
Covert, support of blood sport, disgraceful
Using police officers as a private army, disgraceful
Railways, road repairs, green opportunities not adopted disgraceful
All sacrificed, on the altar of “mammon”

Say it – as you see it – is my moto.


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1 Response to Result!

  1. Peter Baxendale says:

    Well put Mike-my sentiments though not as brazen in parts

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